Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Telephone Coaching for Relapse Prevention

People undergoing chronic pain management need all the support they can get. If they also experience some of the common coexisting problems such as addiction or other mental health conditions relapse prevention is crucial. The Addiction-Free Pain Management® (APM) Relapse Prevention telephone coaching may be the missing piece for ultimate success for effective chronic pain management. Our coaching programs are also for anyone in recovery from any addictive disorder and will help people develop essential tools for avoiding future relapse.

Our Relapse Prevention Coaching services are individualized coaching sessions for anyone who is in recovery from an addiction and the use of self-defeating, self-destructive behaviors and wants to learn how to recognize and effectively manage situations that put their recovery at risk. It is especially helpful for individuals who have had relapse episodes, but anyone in recovery will find it useful. We combine the Gorski-CENAPS® relapse prevention methodology with personal empowerment coaching strategies to create a powerful foundation for long-term stable sobriety.

The Relapse Prevention Coaching Programs can assist individuals leaving treatment and support those people who cannot or chose not to go into traditional treatment programs. They are also invaluable for people who have had limited success with outpatient treatment, or for those who want to enhance their current program and learn how to put these powerful relapse prevention tools to work in their lives.

With the assistance and the support of a Certified Coach, clients will experience the seven clinical processes that help them to quickly identify and manage high-risk situations that cause relapse. They will receive expert guidance in setting powerful recovery goals and implementing specific actions plans to facilitate their continued recovery.

The foundation of our Relapse Prevention Coaching Program is the evidence-based work and 35 years experience of Terence T. Gorski's Developmental Model of Recovery. As an Advanced Relapse Prevention Specialist and Director of Training and Consultation for the CENAPS® Corporation, my expertise in denial, relapse prevention and co-existing disorders underlie his biopsychosocial, multidisciplinary approach utilizing an ongoing continuum of care that incorporates strategic, cognitive-behavioral skill building exercises in conjunction with powerful solution-focused and strength-based coaching methodologies.

If people knew they could participate from anywhere using their phone and a computer, and that they could become active participants in their healing by participating in our coaching program, we feel confident that their feelings of helplessness and hopelessness would disappear.

Check out our Coaching Questionnaire which is the first step of deciding if you or someone you know is ready for APM Relapse Prevention Coaching, or call Ellen at 916-575-9961for a confidential interview.

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