Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Chronic Pain Management and Addictive Disorders

People with chronic pain who develop substance use disorders due to taking medication present a difficult challenge to treatment professionals. Many health care providers see no difference in treatment outcomes when these people are treated either in a pain clinic for their chronic pain condition or at an addiction treatment center for their substance use disorder issues.

In either case the prognosis ranges from poor to fair at best. However, I believe it is possible to increase the probability of a more successful treatment outcome by creatively combining existing chemical dependency and chronic pain treatment methods using a multidimensional, non-traditional approach I’ve named the Addiction-Free Pain Management® (APM) System.

The APM™ system is a treatment approach that uses a biopsychosocial model to integrate the most advanced pain management methods developed at the nation’s leading pain clinics, with the most effective treatment methods for addictive disorders developed at the nation’s leading chemical dependency treatment programs. The result is a unique integration of treatment methods that combine proper medication management with non-medication techniques to insure both chronic pain management and addiction treatment. This leads to relief of pain while lowering or eliminating the risk of addiction or relapse.

People with a chronic pain and addiction diagnosis have specific needs that are different from the typical chemically dependent person or the person who suffers only from a chronic pain condition; therefore, a specialized APM™ approach needs to be formulated and implemented. In addition to the pain and substance use, abuse and/or addiction screening, this approach assesses for the psychological issues present before any prescription medication abuse, new psychological problems arising from the pain and subsequent addiction, as well as finding innovative treatment modalities for this particular population.

To learn more about chronic pain management and denial please check out my article From Denial to Effective Pain Management that you can download for free on our Article page.

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You can learn more about the Addiction-Free Pain Management® System at our website http://www.addiction-free.com/ If you are working with people in chronic pain or are living with chronic pain and have any resistance or denial and want to learn how to develop a plan for helping to identify and manage denial please go to our Publications page and check out my book the Denial Management Counseling for Effective Pain Management Workbook. To purchase this book please Click Here.

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